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How to look ‘perfect’ in front of husband on Karva Chauth

By: Team NewsdayExpress | Posted: 06 Oct, 2018

New Delhi. On the special occasion of Karva Chauth, married women pray for the long life of their husbands and observe fast on this day for the rest of their lives. This year the festival is on 28 October. On this auspicious day every woman wants to look perfect in front of her life partner.

Young, enterprising makeup artist and founder of Brush n Blusher, Komal Aggarwal shares some tips on how to apply makeup properly on Karva Chauth:

Radiant Skin: To keep the skin healthy and glowing in it, it is very important that you drink more and more water. Use a homemade pack containing honey with multani mitti. Take fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet.

* Mehndi: Mehndi is the identity of love, because the depth of its color tells how much the husband loves his wife. You can also do waxing, manicure, pedicure etc. to make your hands and feet more beautiful. You can also turn to the popular nail art for nails.

* Hairdo: Today hair coloring is the trend. Choose a hair color according to your face shape and tone. Your hairstyle can be shaped like a bun, braid, curl etc depending on your outfit. You can add flair to your hairstyle by using the right hair accessories. You can curl the hair lightly or keep it straight for a simple and eye-catching look.

* Eye Makeup: Use a colorful or eye-catching colored eye liner. You can also use double eye liner. Use a simple black liner first and then a colored liner over it. If you really want to use eye shadow, then you can choose a raw color or use brown or black color over it as a smock. Use some such color in the center of the eye that will grab everyone’s attention.

* Facial Makeup: Apply foundation evenly on the face so that your makeup does not look too flashy. After that touch up with compact powder.

* Lips: Lips always play an important role in making your look complete. Do not use maroon and red lipsticks here. Choose one of the other main colors, like dark brown, burgundy, to create something different and eye-catching.

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