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Hip pain is troubling in pregnancy, try these home remedies before medicine

Pain can be felt around the hips due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, pressure of growing uterus and some conditions. It is common to feel this type of pain in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, but some women may experience this pain even in the initial weeks.
We all know that pregnancy is a difficult period and during this time many types of problems are felt, one of which is pain in the hips. It is not necessary that every woman has pain in the hips during pregnancy, but this problem is seen only in some women.
Due to many reasons like constipation, anal fissure, hip arthritis, bursitis, a pregnant woman can complain of pain in the hips.
If you are also having pain in the hips during pregnancy, then you can reduce your pain by taking care of some things at home. If you are not able to get relief from pain despite home remedies, then you should tell the doctor about it. Your doctor will give you treatment based on the cause of your hip pain.

pain reliever

To reduce the pain in the hips, apply pain relief creams, ointments etc. To reduce the pain in the initial stage, better ointment has to be applied than medicine because the chances of its side effects are negligible.

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avoid constipation

If you are having pain in the hips due to piles, then on the advice of the doctor, take a medicine that relieves constipation or dilutes the stool.

hot water bath

Warm water is very effective in reducing pain. You can take a sitz bath or take a warm bath. This also helps in reducing the pain.

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help of physiotherapy

You can try to reduce your pain with the help of physiotherapy. This includes strengthening exercises, water exercises that help reduce pain.

When to see the doctor?

If you are unable to tolerate hip pain, then you can seek medical treatment. In case of inability to hold urine or stool, numbness along with pain, you should talk to the doctor immediately.

If the pain is getting worse, feeling a contraction in the uterus, severe pain with nausea or vomiting, the pain does not subside despite dietary and lifestyle changes, over-the-counter pain relievers If the medicines are also ineffective, bleeding after defecation or if the pain has started in the hip after the injury, then you must seek medical advice.

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