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Significant contribution of spike protein of Covid: Research

By: Team NewsdayExpress | Posted: 03 May, 2021

New York. The specific spike protein of SARS-Covid-2 has been believed to damage healthy cells in the body, but scientists have found in a new research that it also has an important role in disease. In a paper published in the journal Circulation Research, it has been shown that Covid is a vascular disease. It shows how it damages the vessels.

The findings of the research conducted by the scientists have helped to explain many unrelated complications of COVID and may also open the door for new research on many effective therapies in the times to come.

Uri Menor, assistant research professor at the Salk Institute in California, said, “Many people think it’s a respiratory disease, but it’s actually related to the vessels.”

Maynor adds, “It can be understood in this way why some people get strokes and why some people have problems in other parts of the body. The only similarity between them is that it has an effect on the vessels.

For the first time in research, this mechanism has been revealed, through which vascular cells are damaged by proteins. This mechanism could not be understood earlier. Similarly, scientists have long suspected that spike proteins contribute to damage to vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

In this research, a pseudovirus was formed by the team, which was surrounded by the spike protein of SARS-Covid-2. However, there was no real virus in it. Exposure to this pseudovirus affected the lungs and arteries of animal models. This proves that the spike protein is sufficient for disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in the endothelial cells on the walls of the pulmonary artery.

The team repeated the process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells to the spike protein. It showed that the spike protein caused damage to other cells by binding to ACE2. It also blocked the module of ACE2, which caused damage to the mitochondria. (IANS)

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