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In view of the increasing cases of Omicron in India, the central government took a big step

Corona is spreading in the country and the world as the third wave. Due to which the people of the country and the world are very scared. Meanwhile, a big step has been taken by the Central Government to stop Omicron, which has spread in more than 17 states of India. The central government has sent its team to the most affected states.

Omicron’s cases have crossed 400 across the country. In view of this, from December 25 till the new year, the governments have started taking strict action. So far 140.01 crore doses have been administered in India. There are 77032 corona infected in the country. Which is the lowest in the last 579 days. Along with this, the recovery rate of corona infected patients is 98.40 percent.

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So far more than 1.5 lakh people have been infected with this variant in 108 countries of the world and 26 people have died. The government said that the world is facing the fourth outbreak of Covid-19 and in such a situation, we need to maintain our vigil, especially during the year-end festivities.

The biggest impact of Omicron is in Maharashtra, Delhi, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra tops the list of Omicron cases with 108 cases. Cases have gone up to 79 in Delhi. The concern about Telangana and Tamil Nadu is more because out of all the cases that have come here, not a single one has recovered. All are active. In countries like America and Britain, Omicron is causing havoc. 73 percent of the cases in the US this month are from Omicron. In this way the cases of Omicron are increasing continuously in India.

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