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If you are troubled by dandruff in winter, then just do this small work

In the winter season, if your hair also gets dandruff and your hair also starts falling, then from today you will not have any kind of problem, because today we are going to tell you such a home remedy. By adopting which you can get rid of dandruff in few days. All you need is lemon for that. Using which you can get rid of many problems. Let us tell you, due to cold winds, the moisture of the hair along with the skin is snatched away. Along with this, fungus is found in more quantity in the environment. When it reaches the scalp of our hair, it settles there in the form of a scab due to cold winds and then itching starts. Due to which dandruff starts coming out of our hair.

use of condition

In the winter season, after shampooing the hair, they should be deep conditioned. You can choose a good conditioner according to your hair after consulting your doctor. You will benefit from this.

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use of orange-lemon

Applying lemon juice mixed with dried orange peel can help you get rid of the problem of dandruff. Your doing so can benefit you.

use of multani mitti

To remove dandruff in winter, prepare a solution by mixing tomato juice and multani mitti. Apply it on the hair and leave it to dry. After that wash it off. You will benefit a lot from this.

use of garlic

Dandruff is reduced by making a paste of garlic and applying it on the scalp. Crush raw garlic and extract its juice and apply it on your scalp. You will benefit from this.

use of apple

By including apple in your diet, you can get rid of the problem of dandruff. Apart from this, you can also massage your hair by applying apple juice to it. By doing this, you will get great relief from this in a few days.

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