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Forest: Which country has made new rules for elephants, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol while sitting on it

India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka has enacted a new animal protection law, under which various new rules have been brought regarding elephants, according to the Animal Protection Act, now domestic elephants will have their own biometric identity card. Apart from this, it has also been said that the people riding on it cannot even drink alcohol.

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All this decision has been taken keeping in view the safety of elephants. It is unknown that many people in Sri Lanka use elephants as a pet to promote their glory. Although cases of vandalism on elephants have been increasing since the past, according to official data, there are 200 domesticated elephants in Sri Lanka while there are 7500 wild elephants. All owners need to ensure under this new law that their elephants should have a photo identity card and it is also mandatory to have a DNA stamp on them.


Apart from this, the use of elephants in films has now been banned, but it has been said that elephants can be used in films produced by the government. After this there is also a provision in this law that now the elephant will not work for more than an hour during the day and working at night will be prohibited, now in this law it is also mentioned in the clause that the baby of many elephants are no longer used for work. can go,

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It has also been said not to separate the cubs of elephants from their mothers, after coming into the light of this law, it can greatly affect the tourism industry. Explaining its law, it has been said that now no more than four people can ride at a time and now it will be mandatory for the owners to send their animals for medical examination every 6 months. The owners will also have to ensure that no person sits on it and consumes alcohol, if any person is found doing so, the elephant will be taken into the care of the state and the owner of the elephant will be punished with a rigorous imprisonment of 3 years. may face punishment.

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