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Coronavirus is preventable, but treatment is possible only with vaccine

Bangalore. As the number of coronavirus cases across the country shows no sign of reduction, Bengaluru-based eminent pediatric cardiologist Vijayalakshmi I. Balekundri said coronavirus is preventable, but it is not curative until a vaccine is introduced.

The only way to avoid getting infected is by wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining physical distance because until a vaccine is found, it is better than cure, said Professor Emeritus, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute in an exclusive interview to IANS. That is to prevent deadly disease.

When Vijayalakshmi was asked why and how is Kovid-19 different from other viruses? So he said that coronaviruses are not living organism like bacteria or fungus. They are non-living large, lipid capsule enveloped and positive, strained RNA viruses. Like other viruses, the coronavirus tries to be contained in a cell and turns it into a virus-replicating factory. If it is successful, it can cause infection in the throat, respiratory system, heart, brain, blood vessels and all 100 trillion cells in the human body.

What type of cells the virus targets and how it enters them depends on how it is made. Genetically it is transmitted from human to human without a vector and enters the body through the nose, throat and eyes as an air infection. It affects vital organs and cells in the body through blood vessels.

When asked how the new coronavirus enters human cells, he said, “To infect a human, the virus enters a person’s cells, uses its machinery to replicate, outside of them.” spreads and spreads to other cells. The small molecular key on SARS-CoV-2 allows the virus to enter the cell. This key is called a spike protein.

The structure of the coronavirus is like a key and the receptors on the cells are like a lock. Theoretically, they route a thief (virus) to a home (body cells) through a lock (receptors) entry point.

When Dr. Vijayalakshmi was asked how this virus that has infected millions of people across the world could be prevented from spreading further, he said that to prevent the virus from spreading from person to person, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently. Washing frequently, keeping a distance of 4-6 feet from others, using toilet hygiene and travelling should be avoided.

When asked what are the symptoms of corona infection and how deadly it is, he said that if a person is unable to smell or taste sugar or salt and has fever with bitterness, then he should immediately get corona. Should be tested, as they are symptoms of corona infection. If the test is positive, it is an indication that the virus has entered the cells of the mucous membrane through the nose, eyes or mouth and has replicated inside the cells of the body.

The patient will have mild fever, body ache, burning throat and dry cough for 3-4 days without odor and taste. The virus enters the lungs or stomach through the nose or throat and causes viral pneumonia, abdominal pain from 5-7 days.

From the 8th to the 10th day there is shortness of breath, fatigue. At this stage, nasal sprays are useful.

As the virus spreads from the lungs to the heart, brain, kidneys and all blood vessels by the 14th day, it causes several organ failures and eventually death.

When asked how quarantine helps in preventing or treating the virus, he said people coming from hot places like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi have to undergo 14-day quarantine, which includes one week of institutional and one week. This includes being in home quarantine for a week, as they may not show symptoms initially but develop after 3-4 days. If they are positive, they are shifted to a designated hospital for treatment. If they do not have symptoms, they are quarantined at home or in a Covid center for recovery. (IANS)

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