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Tomorrow is wonderful: Designer Kunal Rawal

New Delhi. Men’s wear designer Kunal Rawal believes that as the demand for online items is on the rise, Indian wear can also be seen overseas. He says that when it comes to clothing, India’s heritage is very rich, so the future in this region looks very bright.

Kunal launched his recent collections in his first ever virtual fashion show at Digital India Couture Week held on Tuesday. IANS Life has a special conversation with him on this.

When asked about the experience of the first virtual fashion show, Rawal said, “The experience of working with this new format was completely new and exciting. You always have to be ready to assimilate new things in the Corona period so as to adapt to the changing circumstances. India Couture Week went well. It was exciting to bring together the outfits I designed and film them digitally. I didn’t have that much understanding on it so it was a lot of fun working on it because through this we learned to pay attention to the little things.

In the look I had, several shades of the same color were worked on. These were finely worked by hand and with the help of these many different types of textures were made. I was excited to showcase the nuances that are often overlooked during live shows. Since we were shooting for a film, you could film it very close to your costumes and that’s why I named my collection Hide and Seek. Made in a variety of designs, these dresses are suitable to be worn on any occasion. I think this type of apparel should not be limited to the borders of any one country. These are tailored specifically for the new age men, who fit our style.

What would you like to say about the designer clothing industry in India given the current situation? In response, Rawal said, its future in India is very bright. Looking at the kind of artists and artisans there are in India, it can be said that India has a rich heritage in the field of designer clothing. The clothes are sent to foreign countries, Indian talent is getting recognition in the country and abroad. This is a matter of benefit for the designers here.

He further added, in the coming ten years, I believe that the world’s leading fashion brands from India will come to the fore. People have become more aware than ever in the matter of shopping for clothes, now shopping is not done keeping in mind the new age fashion only. Due to this pandemic, a deep thought has arisen in us for our environment, we are rethinking our clothes, we are choosing those which make us feel better, which is sustainable, environmentally friendly Ho. Since now people are paying more attention to online shopping so looking at this we can say that Indian fashion industry is slowly spreading its feet in the world. (IANS)

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