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Eating high calorie food in winter can increase weight, take special care of health in this way

Everyone likes to eat hot and tasty things in winter. In this season, the quantity of food items containing oil and ghee increases. It is a different fun to eat delicious and high calorie food while sitting in a blanket in winter. But be careful as it can make you gain weight fast. Know what kinds of food you need to distance yourself from this winter. Even though you may feel that these things are giving heat to your body, but these things contain a lot of calories, which can cause many damages to the body. Let us know why health experts refuse to eat high-calorie things in this season.

In winter, eat such things which are low in calories. Increase the amount of soup in the diet. Eating whole grains and fiber-rich things like oats and ragi will be beneficial for you. By eating these things, the stomach remains full for a long time and you avoid eating fried and junk food. They are full of nutrients along with filling the stomach. This helps in keeping the body hydrated. Drink green vegetable soup or chicken soup.

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Sitting in the sun in winter, consuming beetroot, sweet potato reduces hunger hormones and sugar cravings. If you feel like eating something spicy, then instead of dumplings, you can include steam dhokla or boiled black gram in your diet. Boiled gram has more protein and less fat. Eating these things will be beneficial for you.

According to experts, the amount of oil and ghee in the food increases in winter. Most people consume such things in large quantities and they feel that by eating these things, the body will get warm, but consuming high calorie food can harm you. As soon as this season starts, you feel like eating hot pakoras and parathas filled with ghee. To deal with the bitter cold, the craving for deep fried food is natural. On the one hand, if these foods provide you warmth in winter, on the other hand, due to being high in calories, they also increase the weight rapidly. Experts also suggest exercising moderation while eating high-calorie foods.

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