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Don’t break these 5 beauty tips

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By: Team NewsdayExpress | Posted: 01 Feb, 2018

Every girl and woman gets ready before going out so that they can look beautiful. Many women and girls do more makeup and make some such mistakes, later their face gets damaged. We are telling you about some such things .. which should be kept in mind after makeup.

Do not remove makeup before sleepingNo matter how tired or sleepy you are, give your skin 2 minutes. If you can not give then imagine premature aging of the skin, lots of pimples all over the face, dull complexion. Yes, not removing the makeup from the face can put your face in all these problems, because overnight the makeup blocks your pores.

More Foundation- Foundation helps a lot to keep the skin tone even, but too much foundation on the face makes you a plastic doll. That’s why apply a little foundation on your face. At the same time, do not forget to apply foundation on your cleavage. If you want a complexion like your face, then apply foundation on the neck as well.

sunscreen- It should be applied not only in summer but for the whole season, because the sun damages your face and hands in other seasons too.

hairspray- Yes, hairspray also comes in your beauty mistake, as you use too much hairspray to set the hair, which causes damage to the hair. It not only spoils the structure of your hair but also spoils their texture.

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