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Choose a name for your daughter like Bala’s beautiful actress Samantha, see baby girl names

South film industry’s beautiful actress Samantha Akkineni is making a lot of headlines at this time. Along with his acting, millions of people are dying on his beautiful face and smile. In the last few years, Samantha’s popularity has not been limited only to the South, but now she has started establishing her feet in Bollywood as well.
If Samantha is your favorite actress too, then you will love her name too. The name of Samantha is quite unique and it also means very cute.
Let us tell you that the origin of the name Samantha is from the Hebrew language and it means asked by God. The name Samantha is related to God and hence it is considered a very sacred name.
If you like the name Samantha, then you can check out the list of other cute names for your daughter with the same name meanings. Next we are showing you a list of some such names for baby girl, whose meaning is associated with God or asked by God.

baby girl name list

Simone: This name is for girls. Simon is a Hebrew name which means to hear or God is listening. If you want to give a modern name to your daughter, then you can choose the name Simone.

Ileana: This is a very beautiful Hebrew name which means ‘God will answer my prayers’. There is also an actress named Ileana D’Cruz in Bollywood. Generally, the name Ileana is more liked in Christian religion.

baby girl name

Isabelle: Isabelle Kaif is the younger sister of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. The meaning of name Isabel is “sworn to god”. You might also like this modern name.

Anaya: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, you can name her Anaya. Anaya name meaning is God will answer. The origin of this name is also from Hebrew. Anaya is a modern and unique name.

Samara name meaning

Samara: The name is very similar to Samantha. The origin of this name is also from Hebrew. The meaning of name Samara is “mountain” and “powered by God”.

girls name list

  • Ivana: This name is for baby girl. Ivana is a modern and unique name. Ivana name meanings is God is merciful.
  • Yana: Like Ivana name Yana also means Merciful lord. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘Y’, you can name her Yana.

and letter name

Vanya: You might also like the name Vanya for your daughter. This is a Russian name. The meaning of name Vanya is “beloved gift of god”.


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