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According to Ayurveda, what should be fed to children to keep them healthy? These tips will come in handy

A healthy lifestyle is very important to stay healthy. The same thing applies to children as well. At present, an epidemic like corona remains a threat to children, but with it the danger of other diseases is also looming. Some children have very weak immunity and they fall ill very often.
In such a situation, it is natural for parents to worry about the health of their children. At this time, most of the parents are working on strengthening the immunity of the child so that it can be fought against other diseases including corona. Ayurveda can also help you in this work.
We all know that Ayurvedic tips are very beneficial for health. If you think that Ayurveda only prescribes ways to stay healthy for adults and old age, then you are wrong.
From nutrition, immunity building or massage, everything benefits the development of both children and adults. Here we are telling you some Ayurvedic tips to keep children healthy and help in their development.

rules of ayurveda

Children aged 1 to 16 years are classified as infancy, 16 to 56 years of age are intermediate and those above 60 years of age are classified as Vardhaka in Ayurveda. This division has been done in Ayurveda on the basis of the predominance of doshas. Kapha dosha predominates during childhood.

The period from birth to the first year is called Srirapa. At this time, the child takes food made from milk, especially mother’s milk.

Then the time of one to two years of age is called Sriranada. During this, the child eats both milk and solid food.

Annaad comes after two years when the child takes solid food. Next, we are telling you that according to Ayurveda, what should be taken care of in the diet plan of toddlers i.e. children of 2 to 4 years.

different tastes

Give the child all kinds of tastes such as sweet, sour, pungent, salty, astringent and bitter.

Sweet does not mean sugar and jaggery. You give cereals, milk, milk products, meat and pulses in it. Vegetables, fruits, meats and pulses should also be gradually included in the child’s diet.

lunch time

It is very difficult to decide the time of children’s meal. When the child asks for food, feed him only then. This method remains the best. Forcibly feeding children can also cause stress. When the baby is hungry and he comes to you asking for food, then feed him.

some treats are made

The child eats the food on time, does not hesitate to eat and the child eats whatever you feed. Often, being happy with such children, parents lure them with treats. They say that if you eat or ate food on time, then they will get chocolate or any other favorite thing. It is wrong to do so.

When the child knows that he will get a treat to eat, he will start to crave the latter more.

get help cooking

You should also enlist your child’s help in cooking. You take his help in choosing vegetables and grains for him.

Apart from this, to make the food interesting for the child, you can give different shapes to the food or serve it by decorating it in an interesting way.

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