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7 things you should always do before having sex

Whenever there is a thought of taking the relationship to the next stage, physical relations also become a part of it. On one hand it makes you feel excited and curious but on the other hand it also makes you nervous and anxious. What does your partner like in bed? Will you be able to satisfy them or not? What would they be expecting from you? All these are some common questions that come to mind.

There are many things to keep in mind before having sex with your partner. Things that should not be forgotten and some things that are necessary to create a romantic mood before having sex. Apart from doing these things the right way, there are some things that you should always do before having sex. Let us know what should be done before having sex.

Give a hint to your partner
Creating some sexual tension before even getting into the bedroom can lead to an exciting sex. Some signs include giving your partner a long kiss in the morning, a sexy message during the day or looking sexy at them when they come to the door. All this helps you to grow your imagination and be ready to partner.

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have condoms ready
Safe sex is very important, for which it is important to keep a condom nearby. You don’t want to go out to pick them up or look for them at home in the midst of a romantic evening, so it’s best to have them in advance. No man would want to start looking for condoms right in the middle of sex. This can spoil your mood and you can lose moments.

set the mood
Many things help in giving a romantic touch to sex. This could include using your partner’s favorite playlist, dim lighting, candles, or scents. Together they will add that touch that the love of your partner will surely come on you.

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stimulate your mind
Sex begins with the mind. So read erotica or imagine sex. It can work wonderfully in improving the senses in preparation for sex. It will also help in improving the sex experience.

Make a mental to-do list that includes everything you love to do. If you’ve already thought through everything you need to do, you can enjoy sex more. But yes, don’t include anything in it that will make your partner uncomfortable.

feel sexy
Feeling sexy and desirable to your partner is a major factor that contributes to sexual pleasure. Do something before sex that makes you feel a little sexier and more confident. It can be anything that makes you feel more attractive and puts you in more sexual headspace.

relax yourself
There is evidence that mindfulness can help increase our focus and focus on pleasurable sexual sensations, which can lead to better and more satisfying sex. So, before moving from your busy work life to sex, take a moment to inhale and take a few deep breaths to relax. Relax yourself, then only you will be able to enjoy it.

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