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Will the film RRR be able to take out its budget, what do the filmmakers say

The cases of Omicron are continuously increasing in the country. So far 13,154 cases of corona have been registered across the country. After the second wave, in October, the cinema halls returned again and again the running initiative was seen. Due to Omicron, the film RRR, which was to be released on 7 January, is also facing a crisis.

Waiting for Rajamouli’s decision

Only time can tell how much this film, which is released in the new year, is seen. Fans waiting for the film RRR are waiting for Rajamouli’s decision. After a long time, big budget and grand scale movies will be seen in theaters. The director of the film Rajamouli is ready to take the risk.

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Regarding his decision, Rajamouli says that his period drama is being released in many languages. He says that the film RRR has already stalled from its release. It was earlier to be released on 30 July 2020 but due to Corona, the movie was postponed at that time. Looking at Omicron, its effect is being seen on the film 83 as well. Now again the bell of the third wave of Corona is ready to ring.

The budget of the film is 400 crores

RRR filmmakers say that its budget is 400 crores. If the film gets eclipsed by Omicron, it will be difficult to get its budget. Now it depends on the time how much success the film achieves. Considering the timing, the release date of the film was kept as January 7, but the situation with Omicron is not as bad as it was at the time of the second wave.

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