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Will be able to clap, but stop shouting… strange rules in China Olympics

Athletes coming to China to participate in the Winter Olympics will need to be vaccinated or will have to be in quarantine for a longer period of time (21 days). During the Winter Olympics starting on February 4, players, officials and everyone who visits here will have to undergo a daily corona virus test. Players will always have to use masks except in competition or training.

During this, clapping will be allowed to encourage teammates, but it will be forbidden to do so by speaking loudly or by shouting. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be put in quarantine and will be unable to compete until cleared after recovering from the disease. With only a few weeks left for the Beijing Winter Olympics to begin, the protocol here is stricter than the Tokyo Olympics.

Other participants, including athletes, team staff and news media receiving the anti-coronavirus vaccine, will not be required to undergo a 21-day quarantine. Fully vaccinated participants will be able to use the Olympic Village, sports venues, other selected locations and dedicated transport. Before boarding their flights to China, everyone will also have to submit two negative reports of recent COVID-19 tests from approved laboratories.

After reaching China, everyone’s body temperature will be measured and their samples will be taken for testing. The result of the investigation will come in about six hours, during which all will have to stay in a separate facility. After the test results are negative, they will be taken to their rooms in the Khel Village. The situation regarding the presence of fans is not yet clear but if they are approved which will be in limited numbers and fans will also be allowed to only clap for encouragement.


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