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When the phone went from Delhi to Tokyo, many players of the hockey team started crying, PM Modi tied the knot – see VIDEO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the women’s hockey team, which lost to Britain in the bronze medal match of the Olympics. After the match, the Prime Minister spoke to the entire team on mobile. During this all the girls became very emotional and started crying. Modi told him not to cry, your hard work has revived the hockey of the country.

Read the conversation of the Prime Minister’s women’s hockey team….

Modi: You all played very well. You have sweated so much for the last 5-6 years, leaving everything behind, you were doing this sadhana. Your sweat could not bring medals, but your sweat became the sweat of crores of daughters of the country. I congratulate your team and your coach. Don’t be disappointed at all.

Team: Thank you for encouraging us so much.

Modi: I was seeing that Navneet has got some injury on his eye. Right now isn’t it? No harm was done to his eye.

Team: Yes sir he has got 4 stitches, it is fine now.

Modi: Vandana and everyone did a great job. For Salima, everyone thought that Salima had done a wonderful job. You guys stop crying. The sound is coming to me. The country is proud of you. Don’t be disappointed at all. After so many decades, the identity of Hockey India is being revived, it is due to your hard work.

Modi: I have seen that your coach has also given his best. I was seeing how you were encouraging the girls. I am very thankful to you. Best wishes to you for the future.

Coach: Thank you sir Girls are very emotional right now. I am telling him that he has inspired the country. They have done a great job and they should celebrate it. Thank you sir for your support.

Modi: Thank you, thank you

PM congratulated the Indian men’s team
The Indian men’s hockey team has ended its medal drought after 41 years in the Olympics. Captain Manpreet’s team defeated Germany 5-4 and captured the bronze medal. After this, the round of celebrations and congratulations started across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the team present in Tokyo on mobile immediately after the victory. Modi had said- Many congratulations Manpreet. Congratulations to you and your entire team. You have done a wonderful job and the whole nation is proud of you. Still your voice is coming too slow.

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