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Watch video: Ben Stokes bowled by Mitchell Starc’s brilliant ball, disappointment was clearly visible on his face

Australia defeated England by an innings and 14 runs in the Melbourne Test to capture the Ashes 2021. Australia have taken an unassailable 3-0 lead in the five-match series. On the third day of the Boxing Day Test, Australia hit England with such a punch that the series went out of its hands. This punch did not leave any chance for England to make a comeback in the series. Australia needed six wickets to win on the third day and 51 runs to avoid an innings defeat to England. But in the very first session, Australia wrapped the bed of England. And it started with Mitchell Starc bowling Ben Stokes.

Mitchell Starc gave Australia a great start to the day. It was extremely difficult for England to save the match and the series at Melbourne on the third day of the third test match of the Ashes series. He had lost four wickets in the second innings and in such a situation it was on the captain Joe Root and Ben Stokes to do some miracle for England. But this ball of Starc dealt a blow to England’s hopes on Melbourne. Stokes missed the ball and the hopes of England’s second innings began to crumble.

England started the third day at 31 for four. He was still 51 runs behind Australia on the basis of innings. He expected some miracle from Root and Stokes. England started the day on a positive note. It seemed only for a while that England would probably make Australia a score worth batting again.

But Stokes was only on 11 when a superb delivery from Starc hit his stumps. The joy in the Australian camp could be clearly seen as soon as Stokes was dismissed.

The ball of left-arm fast bowler Starc was seen leaving Stokes at first sight. Stokes also tried to play the ball in the same line. But after falling on the seam, the ball changed its fork. She came in. There was a big gap between Stokes’ bat and pad. And that space was enough for the ball. After coming inside, the ball hit the middle stump from the upper part. Gillies were in the air and England’s hopes were on the ground.

Stokes could not believe that the ball had deceived him. He was playing in the right line. But at last the reality was out. Convincing himself, Stokes started moving towards the pavilion. Seeing Stark, he also praised him in gestures.

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, who was commentating on Channel 7, also openly praised the ball. He said, ‘It was really a wonderful ball. What a great bowling.

Ponting said, ‘Ben Stokes held his head back in despair and stood up and thought, ‘I can’t do much with this ball.


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