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Take a lesson from Virat Kohli by wishing Sachin a Happy New Year: Sunil Gavaskar

Indian Test team captain Virat Kohli could not score a century even in the year 2021. It was the second consecutive year in Kohli’s career when he could not score a century in international cricket. Legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar has given a piece of advice to Virat Kohli. Gavaskar says that Kohli should learn to rein in off-side shots by talking to Sachin.

Gavaskar, who is counted among the world’s greatest openers of all time, said that Virat Kohli should talk to Sachin. He said that Kohli should call Sachin on New Year’s Eve and wish him the best for this year and ask him how he handled shots outside the off-stump after being dismissed in a similar fashion on the tour of Australia in 2003-04. had controlled.

Gavaskar said, ‘Sachin was also getting out like this in Australia continuously. He was giving his wicket while playing a drive outside the off-stump. He then decided not to play cover drives in the Sydney Test. This trick of Sachin worked and he scored a double century in that match and scored a half-century in the second innings.

Along with this, Gavaskar also said that Kohli’s luck is not with him. Gavaskar said in a conversation with the official broadcaster after India’s historic victory in Centurion on Thursday that although there is no shortage in Virat’s batting, but luck is not supporting him. Gavaskar said, ‘There is no shortage in Virat’s batting. He is just making his first mistake and is getting out on that. Luck is not on their side.

The great batsman said, ‘Every batsman makes mistakes but luck is with him. The batsman keeps on saving and scoring runs but Kohli is not getting the support of luck. He is making a mistake and is getting out on the same. Gavaskar expressed hope that the year 2022 will bring good luck for Kohli.


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