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RCB wicketkeeper batsman Dinesh Karthik’s story went viral on social media, know what is the whole truth

RCB wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik’s performance in the 15th season of ‘Tata IPL’ so far has been excellent. On the strength of his strong performance, Karthik has won many matches for the team and till now Karthik has emerged as the best finisher of this season. But Karthik, 36, was not able to perform as well in the last few seasons of the IPL and hence Kolkata Knight Riders did not retain him in this year’s mega auction. Royal Challengers Bangalore bought Karthik in the mega auction for just 5 and a half crores, which has proved to be quite economical for him so far.
Dinesh Karthik is getting a lot of accolades for his stellar performance and the fans of Bangalore are giving him a lot of love. But amidst all this, a story related to Karthik is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The title of this viral story is ‘Time comes for all, just keep patience’. This story is being shared with big Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles.

Actually this story is the story of Dinesh Karthik’s personal life and comeback. This story tells how Dinesh Karthik’s career so far has been full of ups and downs, how MS Dhoni did not make him a place in the Indian team, Tamil Nadu captaincy was snatched from him. Not only this, this story also tells how Kartik got divorced from his wife. However, not everything that is told in this story is true.

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Cricket expert Amit Sinha did fact check related to this story
When this story quickly went viral on social media, cricket fans tried to know the truth behind this story. In such a situation, a person named Amit Sinha, a cricket expert who shared cricket related information on Facebook and Twitter, shared the thread that Amit Sinha shared on Twitter that in 2011, instead of Dinesh Karthik, it was not Murli Vijay but Lakshmipati Balaji. was made captain. The story that has been told is quite the opposite. Rather Dinesh Karthik was made the first captain in place of Murali Vijay.

Apart from this, it has been talked about the 2012 round that Dinesh Karthik was dropped from the team. However, he was running out of the team since 2010, at that time it was time for the World Cup, so the main-player was getting a place in the team. Dinesh Karthik returned to the team in 2013, where he got to play 15 matches.

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