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Not-out, umpires call, out… Ball-tracking in controversy again after Mayank Agarwal was LBW


  • Ball-tracking again in controversy after Mayank Agarwal’s dismissal
  • In the review, it was felt that the ball was going to touch the leg-stump.
  • Mayank Agarwal was given out instead of the umpire’s call.
  • There was a ruckus on social media after Agarwal’s dismissal.

Did Mayank Agarwal’s LBW decision look ‘umpire’s call’ to the naked eye? Or not? Lungi Ngidi’s ball came in after eating the tip. This ball was a bit back off length. The ball hit Agarwal’s pad a bit high. Everyone along with umpire Erasmus felt that the ball would miss the wicket.

Dean Elgar appealed but replays also showed that the ball could miss the wicket. Next comes the ball-tracking turn. After waiting for a long time, it is revealed that the ball is touching the outside part of the leg stump. That means it should be the umpires call, right? Or was it more than half the ball hitting the leg stump?

Erasmus was surprised when he was asked to change his decision. After this Agarwal left the field. Disappointment was clearly visible on his face. He was very sad. Agarwal, who was playing very well, did not like this decision at all. He returned to the pavilion shaking his head. After Agarwal’s dismissal, there was a ruckus on social media. Many people started sharing screenshots on social media. He said that ball tracking has been “under suspicion” in the past as well.

In the end, Aggarwal also made it clear that he was hurt and did not agree with the decision. He said, ‘I am not allowed to express my opinion on this.’ He had a smile on his face saying this. He further said, ‘Yes, if I want to spoil my relationship and want to deduct money, then I can do that.’

Lungi Ngidi, however, expressed his opinion openly on this. Although he too was speaking on the ‘umpire’s call’ only. “I think it was a good appeal,” he said. I thought it would be the umpires call. I would like to say one more thing, I felt that the ball was a little lower than the bounce I was getting. When the decision took some time to come, everyone started doubting their opinion.

The umpires, however, were not available to comment on the decision, so ball tracking would remain a controversy. And people will have different opinion on this.


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