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Legendary spin bowler Anil Kumble can become the coach again!

Indian cricket has been going through a period of instability since the retirement of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who took Indian cricket to global heights. On one hand, where factionalism has spoiled the atmosphere in the team, on the other hand indiscipline is the main reason for problems in the team. In such a situation, the performance of the Indian team has been showing a continuous decline in ICC tournaments, due to which questions are being raised, due to which Virat Kohli has resigned from the captaincy in T20 cricket. On the contrary, TFI has told you that how Virat’s resignation was not voluntary, but on the basis of his performance and attitude, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has come at the behest of him. On one hand Virat’s resignation came and on the other hand now the team’s head coach Ravi Shastri’s contract with BCCI is also going to end. In such a situation, now new news is coming that the post of coach can go to the legendary spin bowler Anil Kumble of Indian cricket. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is believed to be involved in this. But how… let’s understand it.

Grandfather’s Grandfather

If we look at the attitude of the Indian cricket team after Dhoni’s departure, it is clear that there is no such thing as balance in the team. Virat’s confrontation with Rohit Sharma is such that Team India is stuck in factionalism. It should not go without saying that Virat Kohli is a good batsman, who goes on a 22-yard pitch for bowlers like Lasith Malinga to Mitchell Starc, but as a captain outside batting, Kohli is a complete failure. . Under him, the Indian team did not win a single ICC tournament. At the same time, in important matches like the final, the team proves to be laggy or chokers. In such a situation, due to the constant criticism, Virat has announced his resignation from T20, but this resignation has certainly been given by Virat due to the pressure of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly i.e. grandfather’s grandfather.

Kumble may become the next coach

It is not that after leaving the captaincy, Virat’s difficulties will be reduced, but now it is believed that the wrath of Dada’s grandfather will only increase the problems of undisciplined Virat. The reason for this is that now after Ravi Shastri’s contract is over, Dada can once again recommend Indian cricket’s biggest match-winning player Anil Kumble i.e. ‘Jumbo’ for the coach.

There is no match to the talent of Anil Kumble, who took ten wickets in an innings of a Test match. This is the reason why Anil Kumble was made the head coach for the one-year tenure of 2016-17, that too on the recommendation of CIC. Let us tell you that BCCI had formed CIC i.e. Cricket Improvement Committee to improve Indian cricket, in which Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman besides grandfather Sourav Ganguly were also there. Everyone had demanded that Kumble should be made the coach. Then Kumble was also made the coach. However, Kumble’s strict and disciplined attitude did not go down well with captain Kohli. Kohli believed that the coach should be someone cool and fresh thinking… As a result, a flop former Indian player like Ravi Shastri was made the coach of the team, who was nowhere in comparison to Kumble.

Then the members of the committee including Ganguly were popular but not strong enough that they would have heard more than Kohli in BCCI. He had come from CAB immediately. Sourav knows that Anil Kumble was considered a skilled leader. It was also said about him that he is India’s biggest match winner in Test matches. On the other hand, Ravi was neither a better player nor a coach.

Despite this, Ravi Shastri was made the coach in his place. Since then the arbitrariness of Virat had started. Since then the Indian team has not won a single ICC trophy. But, now Dada’s grandfather has also started. When Kumble was removed, Dada did not have administrative power but now he is the President of BCCI and he can take decisions in his own way the way PM Modi is taking today.

Dadagiri’s new chapter begins

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has now come out with his full fervor about the future of Indian cricket being ruined in the jugalbandi of Kohli and Shastri. It is believed that Kohli has resigned on his behest. In such a situation, a new chapter of Dada’s grandfather has started because the work of bringing back Kumble, which Dada was unable to do at that time due to his weak condition as a member of CIC, can now be carried out.

Due to Dada’s grandfather, it can be said that now the post of coach of the Indian team can again go to Anil Kumble. On the contrary, this decision can become a problem for Kohli, because the way other young Indian players, including Kohli, appear in the media despite their poor performance, and are seen talking vulgar and obscene on shows like Koffee With Karan, all that indiscipline. Kumble will eliminate in a jiffy.

Simply put, Jumbo can teach Kohli the discipline, which will not only be essential to his cricket, but could also lead to a new rise for Indian cricket, after Dada’s grandfather. Kumble’s return will once again create problems for Virat and after which he may have to resign from the captaincy of the rest of the format. This will also clear the way for another player like Rohit in ODIs and Rahane in Tests to become the captain.

As a member of the CIC, Dada can now do the work with an aggressive attitude after returning the work that could not be done according to the wishes of Sachin, Rahul and Laxman, including Dada. The main reason for this is that their power is much more than before. Apart from being politically strong, he also holds the post of BCCI President, which is becoming a constant challenge for Kohli. Contrary to Kohli’s best game, his attitude and arbitrariness on the issue of captaincy is hurting him the most, and Ganguly continues to use the necessary whip of discipline with his arrogance on Kohli’s style of work.

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