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Chak De India: Who is ‘Shahrukh Khan’ shedding tears of joy on the victory of Indian girls?

Things were different when Sjoerd Marjen took charge of the Indian women’s hockey team four years ago. Many senior players were retiring. The team needed to be rebuilt and Marjen did a great job. Marjen is a big reason why we are happy to beat a strong team like Australia at the Tokyo Olympics today. Marjan has groomed and sculpted this team. Today, if India’s women’s hockey team is able to play on the biggest sports platform in the world, then Marjen is to be thanked for that.

Changed the way the team thought

Marjan himself has played field hockey for 10 years. Apart from the Indian women’s hockey team, she has also coached the men’s team. It was a challenge for her when she was made the coach of the Indian women’s team in 2017. Marjen is also a motivational speaker, so she knows how to instill enthusiasm in people, but what about skills… In such a situation, Marjen prepared a plan.

The most important thing was to change the mindset of the players. Much like Shahrukh Khan’s character ‘Kabir Khan’ in the movie ‘Chak De India’. After today’s victory, Marjen is being called the Kabir Khan of real life. Marjen wanted the girls not to be weak at any point in the match. It took some time for this to happen but the result is in front of us.

‘Kabir Khan’ of real life

Marjen’s tears after victory

What sets Sord Marjen apart from other hockey coaches is that he emphasizes the presence of leaders on the pitch. Talking about Marjen, Gurjit Kaur told olympic.com, “Every coach has a different nature and style. He deals with players in a different way. He wants us to find solutions to our problems ourselves. Yes, he is always there to help on the pitch but it is our responsibility to find ways with Sword. This method of Marjen has been of great use to the Indian team.

… slowly the effect of Marjen began to be seen

Marjen’s glimpse into the team’s mindset, attitude towards the game is now clearly visible. The performance of the Indian team has improved a lot since he became the coach. Be it beating last time Olympic champions Great Britain at home or challenging a bronze-winning Spain in the World Cup, the Indian team has forgotten to be afraid of challenges. Marjen’s mark was also seen in the competitions for the Olympic qualification last year. In the first match, the Indian team defied the American midfield and in the second, there was a tough challenge in front of their defense. Marjen admits that the team played a great game.

What did you think about the Olympics?

Before the start of the Olympic Games, Marjen said, “Two or three years ago the team usually gave up but now they talk to each other and completely change the match and this has happened because their Mental health has improved. On the strength of this mental toughness, Marjen has brought the team to the semi-finals of the Olympics. He said, “The longer we stay with each other, the better.”

‘It will be too late to come home’

There was a demand to give Dronacharya Award to Marjan

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