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BCCI President Sourav Ganguly got infected even after getting both doses of the vaccine

Omicron’s infection is spreading rapidly in the country. The maximum number of 135 cases have been registered in a single day, taking the total number of patients to 670. On Monday, Omicron also knocked in Goa and Manipur. One patient each was found in both the states yesterday. Omicron has spread to 20 States/UTs so far.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has become Corona positive. Sourav’s test report came positive on Monday night. He has been admitted to the hospital in Kolkata. In January this year, Ganguly suffered a heart attack, after which he underwent angioplasty.

Sourav Ganguly has isolated himself after the corona report came positive. Being a heart patient, special attention is being paid to Sourav Ganguly’s health.

In early 2021, Sourav Ganguly had a heart attack, after which he had to be hospitalized for a few days. A few days after the angioplasty, Sourav’s health had deteriorated, even then he was hospitalized. Ganguly has been hospitalized for the second time this year. It is to be known that these days there are reports of new Omicron variants of corona virus spreading rapidly across the country.

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This is not good news for Ganguly’s fans before the new year arrives. People are wishing him a speedy recovery. On the other hand, the report of the corona investigation of his family members is yet to be received. Sourav Ganguly has received both the doses of Corona vaccine. Even after being vaccinated, he has got corona infection.

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