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Batsmen need to focus in England: Pujara

By: Team NewsdayExpress | Posted: 14 Jun, 2021

southampton Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara has said that playing in different conditions in England on the same day is going to be the most challenging for the batsmen. The Indian team has to play the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) with New Zealand from June 18 in Southampton, England. After this, the team has to play a five-match Test series with hosts England from August 4.

Pujara told BCCI TV, “Playing in different conditions here on the same day is the most challenging for a batsman because if it rains you have to go off the field. Then suddenly the rain stops and you have to start all over again. In the meantime there will be a break and that is the thing that you have to understand and accept this challenge. You have to be mentally strong and maintain your focus. It will be very important to use the brakes that you will get.

New Zealand recently played a two-match Test series against England and won the series 1-0. Pujara said that the Kiwi team will benefit from this, but the Indian team is also ready to face any kind of challenge.

“Obviously they (New Zealand) will be in an advantage by playing two Test matches before the final, but when it comes to the final, we will try our best,” he said. We know that our team has the potential to perform well and win the championship. So we are not worried about it. We will try to stay focused in the 10 to 12 days we have got for preparation. We will also play a practice match and we will try to make the best use of the available resources. If we can utilize these days properly, I think our team will be ready for the challenge in the final.

The WTC final is very special for Pujara and fast bowler Ishant Sharma as they are playing only Test cricket now.

Pujara said, “Personally it means a lot to me because I am playing only this one format and it is the most challenging format in cricket. We have worked very hard as a team to get here. I am very excited about the fact that the players are excited about this match.

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