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Amazing ball from Jasprit Bumrah, the batsman kept leaving and the ball went to the off-stump

At first glance, it seems that the fault is of the batsman. And to some extent it is… but more than that it is amazing of Jasprit Bumrah. Rosie van der Dusan had just played 64 balls. Missed on some and on some with full restraint and patience. But he missed a bit on this ball. But he was forced to make this mistake by Jasprit Bumrah. The batsman decides to release the ball. He felt that the ball would stay outside the off-stump.

But Bumrah’s special game was shown on this ground of Centurion. It was a lathe ball. Outside off stump. The real wonder of this ball of Bumrah was the use of the crease. He went to the corner of the crease. The ball took a hit and came in sharply through the cut. The batsman was ready of his own accord. Rosie van der Dusan comes on the front foot. They thought the line was covered. Both hands were up. All set to release the ball. But the intention of the ball was different. She hit the off-stump. The squirrels jumped in the air. The batsman could not believe it but the happiness on Bumrah’s face was telling that as his plan worked.

The great batsman Sunil Gavaskar, who was doing commentary at that time, also became a fan of this ball of Bumrah. He said, ‘This ball from Bumrah was amazing. In fact, he used the crease very well. Gavaskar said that if your off-stump is not covered at all, then with this speed the ball which hits the stump is sure to be out.

After this, on the last ball of the day, Bumrah gave another success to India by bowling Keshav Maharaj.

Talking about the match, the Indian team is close to creating history in Centurion. India has not won any match at this ground. Team India lost here in the year 2010 and 2018. Now he is six wickets away from victory. India took a 130-run lead as India bowled out South Africa for 197 after making 327 in the first innings. India scored 174 runs in the second innings. South Africa has a target of 305 runs to win. By the end of the fourth day’s play, there were 94 runs for four wickets. On the last ball of the day, Bumrah bowled Keshav Maharaj.


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