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Salman Khan’s health improved, fans were upset due to snake bite

The fans of Salman Khan are very worried about the health of the actor. Fans want to know that after the snake bite, how is the health of Salman Khan now? If you are also worried about Salman’s health, then let us tell you that Salman’s health is now being said to be fine.

After celebrating Christmas on 25 December, Salman Khan was bitten by a snake. After which he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. However, after treatment, he has returned to his home and his condition is fine.

It is being told that Salman has been bitten by a snake at his farm house in Panvel last night. After the snake bite, he was immediately admitted to MGM (Mahatma Gandhi Mission) Hospital in Navi Mumbai’s Kamothe area at 3 pm. Salman has also been discharged after treatment. Salman returned to his farm house at 9 am.

Monday, December 27, is the 56th birthday of Salman Khan. And he also celebrated his pre birthday 2 days ago. In such a situation, it will be difficult to say that Salman Khan will do a grand celebration, he will then rest at his farmhouse.

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Now his health is said to be fine. Salman reached his farm house with family and friends to celebrate Christmas. Significantly, this area of ​​Panvel is surrounded by hills and forest area. Snakes, pythons are often seen in this complex. During this, Salman Khan was bitten by a snake.

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