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Raj Babbar married Smita Patil without divorce from his first wife, son had removed his surname

Bollywood actor and politician Raj Babbar has turned 69 today, Raj Babbar, born on 23 June 1952 in Tundla, UP, did an acting course from NSD in 1975, then came into films, Raj Babbar told during an interview. It was that he was fond of acting since childhood, he often performed in stage shows, although Raj remained in the headlines due to his professional life as well as personal life.be live in

Raj Babbar is one of those personalities, who showed the courage to live-in with Smita Patil bypassing the shackles of society in his youth, then Raj was criticized for this, but he never cared about it. Later, Raj also married Smita. Raj, who was once in the headlines due to his affair with Smita Patil, has done two marriages, the name of his first wife is Nadira Zaheer, Raj has two children from Nadir, Arya Babbar and Juhi Babbar, Raj married Smita Patil for the second time. However, he soon left his side. A few hours after giving birth to her first child Prateek Babbar, Smita could walk from this world on December 13, 1986, at the age of 31, let us tell you that according to Hinduism, a second marriage cannot be done without a wife, but Raj He married Smita Patil without divorcing his first wife Nadira.

displeasure with father

After the death of Smita Patil, son Prateek’s displeasure with Raj Babbar had increased so much that he had removed the Babbar surname from his name due to irritation, Prateek said in an interview, while talking about the removal of the Babbar surname, he said that I had lost my parents. Heard many stories about it, which hit my mind, my relationship with my father was strange. According to Prateek, I only wanted to be my mother’s son, although everything is fine now, I am very close to her, relations with Nadira Babbarp and half-siblings are also good, after a few years, Prateek’s displeasure with his father ends. That’s it, he has started writing his full name Prateek Babbar again.

scales of justice

Raj Babbar got his first break in Bollywood as soon as he graduated from NSD, his first film was Sau Din Saas Ke in 1980, Reena Rai was with him in this film, Raj Babbar got recognition from the film Insaaf Ka Taraza released in 1980, In this film, he played the role of a rapist.

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