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Nusrat Jahan’s confession, revealed the relationship for the first time after the breakup of the marriage, said- I ran away with Yash

Actress and politician Nusrat Jahan is in the headlines these days due to her personal life. First breaking the relationship with businessman Nikhil Jain by saying that the marriage is invalid, then increasing closeness with actor Yash Dasgupta. People were digesting these things when the news of her pregnancy came to the fore. Questions were showered on him. Who is the father of the child? What is her relationship with Yash Dasgupta? Many such questions started to arise, but Nusrat never came forward and answered them. Now she has not only openly confessed her relationship with Yash, but has also revealed about how it started.

Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta made many revelations in the radio show ‘Ishq With Nusrat’. He openly expressed his love. How did the relationship with Yash started, what is the meaning of love for him .. have answered many such questions.

When Nusrat and Yash were asked about their love story, Yash asked Nusrat to answer it. He asked, ‘How did all this happen?’ To this she replied, ‘I ran away with you.’ So Yash says, ‘You ran away? You mean we ran on the streets holding each other’s hands?’ So Nusrat says, ‘No no, I ran away with you. This is the correct word. I ran away with you.

Nusrat said that this episode is on this topic. ‘My love, my choice. I fell in love with you and it was my choice. Everything else is history.

Yash again asked the second year how she defines love. On this Nusrat said, ‘Being with each other brings happiness every day. It is not always easy to do this. Love is very difficult but can deal with it with lots of love every day.

Nusrat has never publicly admitted that she is married to Yash. However, some of his posts confirm that the two have tied the knot. Once Nusrat shared a photo of the cake on Instagram, on which it was written ‘Husband and Dad’. Apart from this, when Nusrat gave birth to son Yeshan, then Yash Dasgupta’s name was written in front of the father’s name on her birth certificate. Even at the time of delivery, Yash was present with him at all times and was taking care of him.

Nusrat had come into the limelight when she had declared the marriage with Nikhil Jain invalid. Both of them got married in Turkey in the year 2019, but later Nusrat said that their marriage should be considered as a live-in relationship, as it is not registered under the Special Marriage Act.

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Nusrat Jahan reveals relationship with Yash Dasgupta


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