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If you are also a fan of the show “Bigg Boss”, then know which celebrities are taking part in Bigg Boss this year, and which celebrity is paying how much.

Almost every celebrity involved in Bigg Boss season 15, which started on October 2, has been revealed, once again Salman Khan is ready to host it. Salman Khan has returned to Mumbai from Austria a few days ago for its shoot, this year a total of 16 contestants will be seen in the Bigg Boss house. Those who have been revealed in the media, there are some new faces in this year’s Bigg Boss and some celebrities have also been included to support them.

Let’s know which contestant is paying how much Bigg Boss

This year, popular TV actor Jai Bhanushali has entered the Bigg Boss house. According to sources, Jai Bhanushali is being paid around 11 lakhs in a week. He is earning around 1 lakh 65 thousand in a day from Bigg Boss.

Karan Kundra

Another name in Bigg Boss season 15 is Karan Kundrra who is getting 8 lakhs in a week and around 1 lakh 20 thousand a day.

Nishant Bhatt

This year’s third contestant is Nishant Bhatt, who has been the first runner up of BB OTT, he is getting 2 lakhs a week and 30 thousand a day.

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty who was the second runner up of Bigg Boss OTT was the highest paid contestant on that show. But in this season of Bigg Boss, he is getting 5 lakhs a week and about 70 thousand a day.

Prateek Sahajpal

Prateek Sahajpal, who was a finalist of BB OTT, is getting 2 lakhs a week and around 30 thousand a day.


Asim Riaz’s brother Umar who will stay in Bigg Boss house this year is getting 3 lakhs a week and 40 thousand a day.

shining light

Popular TV actors Tejashwi Prakash is getting around 10 lakhs a week and around 1.50 lakhs a day.

Maisha Iyer

Maisha Iyer is getting 2 lakhs a week and 30 thousand a day.

Vishal Kotian

Vishal Kotian, who has been a part of many comedy TV shows, is getting 2 lakhs a week and around 30 thousand a day.

Sahil Shroff

Sahil Shroff is getting 20 thousand a day and 1.50 lakhs a week.

Afsana Khan

Famous Punjabi singer Afsana Khan’s Bigg Boss is getting 1.50 lakhs a day and 10 lakhs a week.

Akasa Singh

Singer Akansa Singh is also participating in Big Boss this year, she is getting 5 lakhs a week and 70 thousand a day.

Donal Bisht

Donal Bisht who is getting 4 lakhs a week and 60 thousand a day.

Ishaan Sehgal

Ishaan Sehgal is getting 30 thousand a day and 2 lakhs a week.

Vidhi Pandya

Vidhi Pandya is getting 4 lakhs a week and about 50 thousand a day.

  Simba Nagpal

Simba Nagpal is getting 15 thousand for a day and 1 lakh for a week.

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