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Demand to arrest Sunny Leone arose on social media, people are angry on Madhuban Song

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has once again come into the limelight. Actually, this time Sunny has been embroiled in controversies over her newly released music video ‘Madhuban’, not any of her films. This song is sung by singer Kanika Kapoor. As soon as this song was released, objections started being registered on it on social media. Many people say that their religious sentiments are being hurt by this song because Sunny Leone’s dance moves are objectionable and obscene.

As soon as there was controversy over this video, #ArrestSunnyLeone started trending on Twitter. On social media, people are demanding a public apology from the makers of this song. People are demanding strict action not only on the team making the song but also on Sunny Leone.
Sunny Leone’s controversial song ‘Madhuban’ will be replaced, Saregama has decided to see the growing ruckus
Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra had said that legal action will be taken against Sunny Leone and Shakib Toshi if they are not removed from social media in three days. He said, ‘Some heretics are continuously hurting Hindu sentiments. Radha Maa is our God. There are temples of Radha separately in this country. Mother Radha is worshipped. Can this Shakib Toshi make only one such song on his religion? They definitely hurt our faith and our religion. His song is such a sickening effort. I am instructing Sunny Leone and Shakib Toshi to understand and be careful. I will consult legal experts. If both of them do not remove the song after apologizing in three days, then we will take legal action against them.
Ruckus on Sunny Leone’s song ‘Radhika in Madhuban’
At the same time, the saints of Muthra have also demanded to ban it. He says that if the song is not removed then he will go to court. Saint Naval Giri Maharaj of Vrindavan has expressed displeasure over the song and demanded a ban on the song. He said that if action is not taken against the actress and the song is not banned, then the door of the court will be approached. He also said that Sunny Leone should not even be allowed to stay in India until she publicly apologizes.
Ruckus over Sunny Leone’s ‘Madhuban’ song, demand to delete it immediately, know what is the matter
After the growing ruckus on the video of the song, Saregama has issued a statement saying that the song should be removed. In a statement, the music company said, “Given the recent feedback and sentiments of our countrymen, the song will be renamed Madhuban.” The new song will replace the old one across all platforms in the next three days. Significantly, this song of Sunny Leone was released on 22 December. It has been sung by Kanika Kapoor and Arindam Chakraborty.
Sunny Leone Video: Ruckus over Sunny Leone’s music video, Hinduist organizations crushed the effigy of the actress in Mathura!


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