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Bollywood star Salman Khan is celebrating his birthday today, fans and close people also congratulated

Bollywood star Salman Khan is celebrating his birthday today. On this special occasion, fans and close people are congratulating him. At the same time some people have started trolling him and the reason for this is Bigg Boss contestant Umar Riaz. Umar Riaz has been on Salman’s target for some time now. In the latest ‘Weekend Ka Vaar episode’, Salman had fiercely classed Umar. On Sunday too, Salman was again furious at Umar. Now people are trolling him fiercely about this matter.

Salman Khan furious at Umar Riaz

Actually, during the slap task, Umar Riaz had said that he is hurting by the hand of the foam. Umar Riaz said that I am afraid that my face may not get hurt. On hearing this, Salman was furious at Umar Riyaz and then he started classing Umar fiercely. Salman Khan said, I have slapped Shahrukh Khan and other stars, but no one complained like you.

Umar’s fans trolling Salman

Now Salman Khan has come under the target of the fans of Umar Riaz regarding this matter. Some people are supporting Umar Riaz on social media. Hashtags like Viewer Choice Umar Riaz are becoming viral on social media. At the same time, some people are trolling Salman Khan fiercely. People say that Salman Khan is deliberately targeting Umar Riaz. Omar’s fans are telling Salman Khan as biased. Fans have claimed that the makers do not want to make Umar Riaz the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Therefore, an attempt is being made to tarnish his image.

After the snake bite, Salman narrated his ordeal

Let us tell you that on the night of 26 December, Salman Khan was bitten by a snake. He was immediately taken to the hospital, however, his health is fine now. After this incident, on December 27, Salman Khan said in his statement that a snake had entered the farm house, I tried to throw it away with the help of wood. But just then he climbed on my hand. In such a situation, I took the snake in the other hand to come out and then it bit me three times. It was a kind of poisonous snake. I was hospitalized for 6 hours. I am fine now.

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