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At this age, Saira Bano was giving heart to Dilip Kumar, the actor was blown away like this, read the romantic love story of both

Saira Banu has become lonely after the death of Dilip Kumar. For the last many years, she was engaged in the care of Dilip Sahab, Saira loved him so much, loved him so unconditionally that even Ishq must have felt jealous of him. But today, Dilip Sahab has left the world leaving his beloved Saira alone. The love story of Saira and Dilip is very interesting. Do you know that Saira is 22 years younger than Dilap Sahab. Know more about the love story of this very beautiful couple of the film world.

married in 1966
Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu were the oldest and cutest couple in the industry. When Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar in 1966, she was half his age, Saira was 22 and Tadlip Sahab was 44 years old. The love story of these two is not less than an interesting story. Anyone who heard the news of the pair being together was astonished.

I have been in love since I was 12 years old.
Saira Banu wanted Dilip Sahab like a fan since she was 12 years old. When Dilip Kumar came to know about this love of Saira, he could not pay attention to her. Then Dilip was in love with someone else. Although that love of Dilip sahib was not complete, but he was not showing any interest in Saira much younger than himself. But he knew very well that Saira loves him unconditionally. Gradually, Saira was able to win his heart.

When Saira declared love
In the year 1966, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu had decided to declare their love. On 23 August 1966, Dilip Kumar had also come to an anniversary party at Saira Banu’s house, where Saira had dressed up for him by wearing a sari. The next day, Dilip Kumar called Saira Banu praising the food made at the party and then a series of meetings ensued and the relationship turned into a marriage. Even after so many years of marriage, Saira’s love for Dilip Sahab is visible in her eyes. Saira Banu once said in an interview that Dilip sahib got her as a gift from Kainaat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Saira Banu on the death of Dilip Kumar, consoled her. In a tweet, Modi said, “Dilip Kumar ji will be remembered as a cinematic legend. He was blessed with extraordinary talent, due to which he enthralled the audience of generations. His passing is a loss to our cultural world. Condolences to his family, friends and countless fans.”

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