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Asim commented on Shahnaz Gill’s dance video, the users were furious, started Asim’s class

It is known to all that Shahnaz Gill was completely broken after the death of Siddharth Shukla. The sorrow of Siddhartha’s departure still lingers on his face. She had distanced herself from social media and work for a long time, although now gradually Shehnaaz is trying to handle herself and is also trying to return to work and social life. For the first time after so many days, a dance video of Shahnaz has surfaced where Shahnaz is seen laughing openly. However, some people did not like the face of Shehnaaz and have shown their small thinking by commenting.

Shahnaz Gill was seen dancing for the first time

Actually, Asim Riaz of Bigg Boss 13 has made a strange comment about Shahnaz’s video, which is not being liked by people on social media. While writing about the video, Asim wrote – People quickly forget their people and move on…. what is the matter… what is the matter. the new World. This tweet of Asim Riaz angered the fans of Sidnaz, especially Shahnaz Gill.

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Fans have now started trolling Asim. One fan commented and wrote – Why would you judge him.. why would you question his way of dealing with grief.. This is not right! Pls we all really look at you.. don’t judge on any such thing. At the same time, another user wrote – No, tell me one thing… that if you went to the party, you would go there crying and go there….According to you, she kept crying all day….

Users put Asim’s class

At the same time, a user wrote – This man is worse than Paras, man, he is targeting him in his worst phase. It will not be good with you. For the first time I want to curse someone….. Let us tell you that Shahnaz had reached the engagement function of the manager of TV Celebs. During this she wore a black color gown. In which she was looking very beautiful too. He did a little dance on the Zingat song of Dhadak. The video of the dance has now become viral on social media after seeing it.

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