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After the ruckus on Madhuban, Sunny’s new song Fish released, like every time, spread the flames of her style

The controversy over the song Madhuban of Bollywood actress and dancer Sunny Leone is not over yet, that Sunny has created a sensation with her new song. Sunny’s new song Fish has been released and fans are very much liked. The same sexy style and style of Sunny Leone are going to be seen in the song as always. The song has been released on YouTube and is produced by Glam Angel Media Entertainment.

new song fish release

Sunny Leone is seen spreading the flames of her style in her new song Fish. Sunny is wearing a golden color dress in the song. In the entire song, Sunny is working to woo a king. The lyrics of the song are quite strange. The song ‘Machhi’ is sung by singer Pavani Pandey and Shahid Mallya. At the same time, its strange lyrics have been written by Rahi and its music directors are Karan Lakhan and Oye Kunal. Significantly, the controversy regarding Sunny’s Madhuban song is not taking the name of the end. This song is being opposed in many states of the country.

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Home Minister Narottam Mishra warns Sunny Leone

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has warned Sunny Leone to remove Radhika in music video – Madhuban in three days or face legal action. The minister alleged that Radhika’s video in Sunny Leone’s new song Madhuban hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus. Talking to the media, he said that some heretics are constantly hurting Hindu sentiments. The video ‘Radhika dances in Madhuban’ is one such condemnable attempt. I am warning Sunny Leone ji, Sharib and Toshi ji to understand. If they don’t remove the song by apologizing in three days. , then we will take action against them. Let us tell you that apart from Madhya Pradesh, there has been fierce opposition to the song in Uttar Pradesh as well. Especially in Mathura and Vrindavan.

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