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Actor Nasruddin Shah made a controversial statement, shared the video

Actor Nasruddin Shah is often seen surrounded by controversies. He is seen in the headlines due to his controversial statements. Nasruddin Shah has once again given such a statement which has created a ruckus. He gave a controversial statement in his interview where the Mughals had sacrificed themselves for the sake of this country.

Nasruddin Shah was also surrounded by controversies due to such statements in the past, he has reprimanded those who were also celebrating the return of Taliban in Afghanistan by sharing a video. They say that the Mughals are the people who contributed to maintain a permanent monument in the country. In whose culture there is dancing, singing, painting, literature.

A video of Nasruddin Shah is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it can be clearly seen that a lot was said in the video against the actor. An Instagram user wrote, ‘We didn’t have any other architectural art before the Mughals. The Mughals helped to perfect our architecture.

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Users say that the Mughals have also built beautiful temples in India. After this another user has written that ‘migrant would have been a better word and not refugee’. Music, culture, dance are not of Mughals in India, so why were they not made in Afghanistan. Now were the Mughals from any parallel universe?

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