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Want to speak English like native speakers, then follow these tips


  • Like native speakers, continuous practice is necessary to speak English.
  • With the help of technology, you can improve your English
  • Control over accent and vice required.

In this globalizing world, it is very important to have English language in today’s time. The more proficiency you get in this language, the more opportunities you will get to advance in your career. There are lakhs of people in our country who know how to write and understand English brilliantly, but when it comes to spoken English, they also raise their hands. At the same time, there are many people who have good English speaking skills, but they want to speak fluent and native English. Native English requires a good process, in which not only speaking, but listening is also very important. Whenever you hear a native speaker speak English, it becomes very easy to learn from them. So let’s know which are those easy tips, by which you too can learn to speak native English.

Pay attention to your accent

Motivation, repetition and exposure play a very important role in the English language. So, try to remember the lines, sentences and expressions of the native speakers, using them in your daily communication. Also, keep in touch with people who have very good native English. If possible, try to stay in touch with a foreigner through social media and talk to him. This will eliminate your hesitation and get you used to their modulation, intonation, and most importantly, their culture.

improve vocabulary

If you want to make a hold in English, then after listening to any new English content, definitely recall it i.e. keep repeating it. Write down your improved vocabulary and memorize it daily. Whenever you take an English test, mock test or exam, use as much new vocabulary as possible. Whenever we hear native speaker expressing emotion, it becomes easy to use. Never forget to recall your vocabulary, keep them in long term memory.

Make the most of technology

You can also use technology to improve English speaking. Use your smart phone to record your English accents, phrases and expressions. Record your spoken and compare it with other recordings. Record back and improve your shortcomings and motivate yourself to do better. Also watch videos of native tutors through social media. Watch English movies and songs to understand their culture. Music, lyrics, words, and music can be extremely beneficial for you to remember the expressions and communication skills of native speakers.

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focus on your voice

Like native English speakers, you also need to understand the spoken words to get your voice right. Be sure to understand the words you say and speak in accents like a native speaker. Improving the speed, clarity and tone of your words while speaking English will help you improve your speaking. This tip will help you understand native speakers better. Listen to idiums daily and use them in your conversation.

read english aloud

Reading it aloud is very beneficial to improve your English speaking. This is a great way to work on your accent, adding clarity to your words. If you’ve spent a lot of time listening to native speakers, try to imitate the way they talk. Try to make your voice louder and slower with the flow of the language. Keep in mind that whenever you are confused about a word, do not forget to know how native speakers speak it.

Follow this method while speaking slang

Different native speakers use different types of slang during their communication. Although they mean the same thing, native speakers speak them according to their own accord. Never hesitate to speak like a native speaker. If you do, you will learn and improve it, but if you do not speak, then you will not be able to learn anything.


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