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Success story: Married at a young age, when I saw the husband saluting the officers, IPS became


  • Police constable had done N. Ambika’s wedding
  • Seeing her husband saluting senior officers, she got the inspiration to become an IPS.
  • After marriage, he completed his studies from 10th to graduation.

IPS Officer N Ambika Success Story: It is said that, if you work hard from your heart with a strong intention, then success will kiss your feet. This fact has been shown to be true, IPS officer N. By Ambika. Tamil Nadu resident N. Ambika got married at the age of 14 and became the mother of two children at the age of 18. Everything was going normal, that an incident inspired Ambika to become an IPS. After which he prepared for UPSC with the support from his family and fulfilled his dream by becoming an IPS officer. Now N. Ambika is counted among the sharp officers of Maharashtra. Today we give you N. Will tell about Ambika’s success story, which can become a source of inspiration for everyone.

Married to a police constable at the age of 14
Tamil Nadu resident N. Ambika was married at the age of 14 to a police constable from Dindikal. At the same time, by the age of 18, she became the mother of two children. Being married at a young age, Ambika could not even complete her schooling. She was busy taking care of her family and children and was happy in that too. There was no thought of becoming an IPS from anywhere in his mind, but an incident during this time changed his life completely.

Inspiration to become IPS from Republic Day parade
N. In an interview, Ambika told about her inspiration to become an IPS that once she went to see the Republic Day police parade with her constable husband. There she saw her husband saluting several high-ranking officers. After coming home, when Ambika asked her husband about this, he told that he was my Higher Officer (IPS). Ambika was given complete information by her husband about the way to become an IPS and the honor received in this post. After taking complete information about UPSC, Ambika decided to give entrance exam of civil services.

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Ambika resumes her studies
After taking complete information from her husband, Ambika resumed her stalled studies. He first passed the 10th examination with the help of a private coaching. After this he did his 12th and graduation from distance learning. After this Ambika started preparing for her UPSC exam.

husband supported
Ambika lived with her family in a small town named Dindigul, where there was no coaching center for UPSC preparation. So Ambika decided to prepare for UPSC exam by staying in Chennai. In which her husband also fully supported and arranged for Ambika to live and study there. While Ambika was preparing, her husband took care of the children along with his job.

After 3 failures the husband said come back
Ambika worked very hard for UPSC exam. However, even after this, she failed in this exam thrice. Her husband and family members were also disappointed by this and asked them to return home, but Ambika still did not give up. Ambika asked her husband to give her one last chance. For this her husband agreed and Ambika’s last attempt was successful.

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Ambika’s dream came true, became an IPS officer
N. Ambika made her fourth attempt in the year 2008. This time he put all his strength to crack this exam. Her hard work was successful and she cracked the UPSC 2008 exam and became an IPS officer. N. Ambika got posting in Maharashtra cadre. Ambika is currently the DCP of Zone-4 in Mumbai.


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