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Pubrun became ‘Youth Photographer of the Year’ by taking a picture of his mother, know his success story


  • 20-year-old Pubrun is taking a photo from the age of 4.
  • Pubrun is the first Indian to win this award
  • The name of this award winning photo is ‘No Escape from Reality’.

This year many youths of the country have created history by achieving success in different fields. One such young photographer is Pubrun, who has been in the news for winning the Sony World Photography Awards ‘Youth Photographer of the Year’ title. Pubrun is the first Indian to win this award. He has won this prestigious award for one of his very special works of art. The name of the picture for which Pubrun has received this award is ‘No Escape from Reality’. More than 3 lakh entries were received for this competition from all over the world. Pubrun Basu, 20, is a resident of Kolkata. Her father Pranab Basu is also a successful photographer. This is the reason, Pubrun was attracted towards photography at a very young age and got acquainted with every field of it. Let us know this success story of Pubrun.

At the age of 4, for the first time, the hand was attached to the camera.

When Pubrun Basu was just 4 years old, he took his father’s DSLR camera in his hands for the first time. The first photo taken by Basu was of a folk artist and this photo was taken in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Pubrun told in an interview that, “I often used to try them to learn new things in photography on my own. My father never interfered in the process of my self-learning, but sometimes he used to tell me And used to give very important advice, so that I can overcome my shortcomings, I will never forget the advice given by him.

The famous picture of the award winning has a unique story

Pubrun got this award for his special picture. There is also a unique and interesting story associated with it. Pubrun told that he was passing by his parents’ room one day when he saw some shadows in a screen, which took the form of lines. According to Pubrun, that design left an impact in him and Pubrun got the inspiration for his photo. Pubrun urged his mother to go behind the scenes and placed the curtains on her hands as if someone was trying to get out of the ‘cage’. According to Pubrun, his mother played it well and then he took this photo.

work on skills in lockdown

Giving information about participating in the award, Pubrun said that he had sent his photo for Sony World Photography Awards in 2019 also, although his photo was appreciated at that time, but was not successful. After which Pubrun sent this special photo for the awards in July 2020 and in March 2021 he was informed about his victory. However, he was asked to keep this information a secret till the official announcement of the award. It is worth noting that every year a special exhibition is organized in London in relation to this award, but this time it has not been possible due to the Corona epidemic.

develop skills in corona lockdown

When the entire country was under lockdown due to the Corona virus epidemic, Pubrun got a chance to work on his photography skills. During this time Pubrun continued to learn from his mistakes. According to Pubrun, he considers patience as a big weapon in his photography. Even while taking a picture, he does not take many pictures at once, but during this time he believes in taking pictures comfortably. According to Pubrun, by doing this he is able to express his point of view more effectively through photographs. According to Pubrun, he keeps trying to learn photography through his father’s photo book and also through social media.

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Pubrun is also a musician

Apart from being an award winning photographer, Pubrun is also a musician. Pubrun has also been playing the tabla since he was just 13 years old. Pubrun now wants to become fully versed in both music and photography. Pubrun also wants to try his hand at film making in future.


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