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IAS Success Story: The student who ran away from studies failed in 12th and graduation, today IAS officer


  • Anurag had failed in many subjects in maths and graduation in 12th.
  • Anurag used to put his whole life in fulfilling what he wanted.
  • Becomes IAS by securing 48th rank in UPSC 2018.

There is a common belief in our country that, if a student is weak in studies or does not feel like studying or he runs away from studies, then he is considered as a weak student. From the society to the parents, think that nothing can be made by studying it, so it should be given some work in which it does not have to be studied. Also, there is a common belief that people who are always smart in studies, while successful in UPSC become IAS and PCS officers.

By denying both these things, IAS officer Kumar Anurag has done the work of showing the way to the common students. Seeing their success, if you start preparing for UPSC from zero and work hard, then you too can achieve success. Anurag had once failed in graduation, but this failure showed him the way to success and he decided to become an IAS. This decision changed his life. You will be surprised to know that Anurag passed the UPSC exam twice in a row with his faith and hard work and became IS in the year 2018 by securing 48th rank.

Anurag failed in 12th in maths and graduation
Anurag, who hails from Katihar district of Bihar, studied up to class VIII through Hindi medium. After which he was admitted to the English medium and during this time he faced a lot of problems. Anurag told that he was an average student from the beginning, but once he had decided to do something in his mind, he would have achieved it. He worked hard for his 10th standard and secured 90% marks in it.

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At the same time, in class 12th, he failed in the maths pre board exam. He then prepared with a different zeal and scored more than 90% marks. After this he got admission in Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. This was such a phase in Anurag’s life when he had come from a small town to the capital of the country, where he did not feel like studying at all. They started living in fun. As a result, he failed in many subjects in his graduation. After this, when he was scolded from home, he somehow graduated and took admission in post graduation.

Passed UPSC exam twice in a row
Anurag learned a big lesson from this failure. So he improved and started focusing on studies again. During his post graduation, Anurag decided to prepare for UPSC exam. When she completed her PG studies, at the same time she started preparing for UPSC with full dedication and hard work. Anurag says that, he knew that he was lacking and successful is the one who tries to improve himself by accepting his shortcomings. Anurag did the same. Studied hard, made notes, gave tests fiercely. Understand every aspect of the exam properly and the result was that Anurag got selected in the year 2017 in his very first attempt.

Where is Anurag Kumar today?
Anurag’s rank was 677, but he had to become IAS, so he was not satisfied with the post he got with this rank and started his preparation again. He secured the All India Rank 48th in the UPSC CSE exam of 2018 next year. In this way Kumar Anurag’s dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled. Anurag has got Bihar cadre, he is currently posted as Assistant District Officer in Bettiah district.

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Kumar Anurag’s advice to other candidates
Anurag Kumar believes that if you want to prepare for UPSC, then leave your previous education background and start afresh. He gives a lesson to the common candidates preparing for UPSC, saying that, this is such an exam, in which you can reach the heights even by starting from zero. Anurag says that, I myself am an example of this, I lost my studies and was completely immersed in the fun, but when I thought of becoming an IAS, I achieved it. According to him, one should not show haste during the preparation here and each and every topic should be studied very deeply. Hard work and good strategy is the key to success in this exam.


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