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Famous astrologer Johnny Syal described, what is depression according to astrology?

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Johnny Syal told what is depression according to astrology.

In the past, we have seen that the number of people suffering from depression has increased significantly and it has almost doubled since the arrival of Corona. Now if we look at depression from the point of view of astrology, then they are of 2 types- temporary and permanent. Temporary depression is due to planetary transits, dasha or annual horoscope, whereas the main reason for permanent depression is the special positions of some planets in our horoscope.

Whether depression is permanent or temporary, one thing is common in both, that the center of this depression is the ‘Karak Graha’ of our brain i.e. Moon. Whenever our Moon is weak, it destabilizes our mind and adversely affects the power of thinking and understanding.

Like the Moon, the position of the Sun also acts to increase depression. Sun represents our personality, temperament and self-confidence. But when both Sun and Moon are afflicted in our horoscope and they do not get any help from other planets also, then in that situation we may suffer from depression.

Now people who are going through feelings like depression, they should consult a professional astrologer to get the proper remedy. However, with some common and easy measures, you can make the Moon powerful in your horoscope, which are as follows-

• Take blessings from your mother by touching the feet of older women of the same age or older.

• Take some rice and pure silver from your mother as a blessing, tie it in a white cotton cloth and keep it with you always.

From time to time, take a bath in the Ganges river and bring Gangajal and keep it in a silver vessel.

These are some common remedies that will strengthen your Moon, but to know in detail the customized remedies for your Kundli, please contact Johnny Syal, Astrologer of Asha Astro’s famous astrologer!


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