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This bank accidentally became ‘Santa’ on Christmas, distributed 13 billion rupees to customers


  • Accidentally deposited Rs 13 billion in 75,000 accounts
  • Bank says it happened due to technical problem
  • many customers blew it at christmas christmas party
  • Banks are sweating to get the money back

New Delhi
This time in Britain, on the occasion of Christmas, a bank came as a santa for thousands of people. Santander Bank mistakenly deposited 130 million pounds or about 13 billion rupees in about 75,000 accounts on 25 December. Many customers thought it was a Christmas bonus and blew it up at a Christmas party. Now the employees of the bank have to sweat to get this amount back. The reason for this is that most of this amount has been deposited in the accounts of rival banks.

Over Christmas, 2,000 business accounts were mistakenly paid twice. For the first time, money was deducted from business accounts but for the second time it was paid from the funds of Santander Bank. Interestingly, this money came on Christmas morning. People understood that they got the Christmas bonus. It is feared that many people blew it at Christmas party.

Last day to file ITR, if not filed today, a fine of Rs 5,000 may be imposed

why did this happen
The bank said in a statement that we regret that this has happened due to a technical issue. Due to this none of our clients have been harmed. We will be in talks with many other banks across the country in the coming days to get back the amount lost through duplicate transactions.

The bank says that it has already started talks with banks like Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, Co-operative Bank and Virgin Money in this regard. However, it is not yet clear what the banks will do if the customers have spent this amount. Santander has indicated that he will directly talk to such people to get his money.

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10 years imprisonment if not returned
According to UK laws, banks can take back the money that was mistakenly deposited in the customer’s account. If customers do not return the money, they can be jailed for a maximum of 10 years. This bank has about 14 million customers and 616 branches in the UK. Santander UK is an associate bank of Global Bank Banco Santander.

Earlier, US-based Citibank also mistakenly paid $900 million to lenders of cosmetic company Revlon. The bank could not recover $500 million from this. In August last year, he had approached the court. But in February a US court said the bank would not be allowed to recover it.

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