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The job has gone in the Corona era, so there is nothing to worry about now! SBI is giving a chance to earn lakhs

During the first and second wave of the corona epidemic, how many people became unemployed, so many people lost their jobs. Restrictions have started being removed from the lockdown in the second wave and now gradually everything has started. But still there are many people who are unemployed and looking for jobs. This news is very useful for such people. Actually, in this news we will tell you about a scheme of State Bank of India (SBI), through which you can earn lakhs of rupees.

You can earn lakhs of rupees through customer service points

SBI offers an opportunity to open a Customer Service Point (CSP), from which you can earn a good amount. Through this, any customer can deposit money in his account. Also a new account can be opened. Many other types of work are done here for the customers. By the way, CSP is better for rural areas, where there are few bank branches. But you can also earn by opening CSP in the city.

csp opening process

SBI CSP is very easy to open, recently the bank had given information about the entire process of opening it by tweeting. First of all, you have to apply in the Regional Business Office (RBO) of the bank. You can get the RBO information of your area from the given link (https://https://bank.sbi/web/home/locator/branch). Along with this, you can also find out the RBO from the nearest branch of the bank.

Contact the bank to open CSP

To open CSP, first you have to approach the bank. In this case, there is a special arrangement from the bank side, first of all apply in RBO. Only after that you will get permission to open CSP. After getting permission from here, you can start working and earning money immediately.

see what is the scheme

Actually, the government is running a scheme, which can be taken advantage of to earn good money. The Digital India campaign is being promoted a lot under the Modi government. Under this campaign, educated people are being given an opportunity to open another type of service center, Common Service Center (CSC) in the village. Anyone can earn by opening CSC at their home.

What are its benefits

Through employment opportunities like CSC, the government aims to make rural youth entrepreneurs and expand Digital India. To open CSC center, you should be able to use internet and computer-laptop well. To open a Common Service Center, you have to register at register.csc.gov.in, for this you will have to pay Rs 1,400 as registration. The photo of the place where the center will open will have to be uploaded. Also a form has to be filled. After that you will be given an ID.

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