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HomeBusinessOmicron's havoc: Apple closed its stores in many cities including New York

Omicron’s havoc: Apple closed its stores in many cities including New York


  • Corona cases are increasing rapidly around the world
  • Apple closes all its stores in New York
  • Stores also closed in Florida, Maryland and Canada

New Delhi
The cases of corona (Covid-19) and its new variant Omicron are increasing once again around the world and its effect on the economy is also visible. Apple, the world’s leading tech company that makes iPhone, has closed all its stores in New York for browsing. According to CNN, walk-in services like online ordering and Genius Bar support have been continued.

The company said in a statement that we are closely monitoring the situation. We do not want to put the health of our customers and employees at risk, hence this step has been taken. Two weeks ago, the company made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask in its retail stores in the US. This was done in view of the increasing cases of Corona and Omicron. The company has also temporarily closed its stores in Florida, Maryland and Canada.

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Corona cases in New York
Corona cases are increasing rapidly in New York. Due to this, the Transport Department has announced to run limited trains this week. The department says that it does not have the staff to run full capacity. A record 49,708 cases of corona were reported in New York province on the first day of Christmas. On Monday, the number of new cases of corona in New York City reached 17,334. City Mayor Bill de Blasio says that soon the number of positive cases in the city may reach its peak.

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