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After petrol and diesel, milk is now hit by inflation, Amul milk becomes costlier by Rs 2 per liter from today

In the Corona period, people are already stricken by the epidemic. Unemployment and rising inflation have broken the back of the common man. Everything from food items to edible oil is already expensive. The price of petrol and diesel is also increasing wildly. Which has a direct impact on the pocket of the common man. Meanwhile, Amul has also shocked its customers. Amul has increased the price of milk. Giving information on Wednesday, June 30, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) said that the prices of Amul milk will be increased from July 1. This increase will be for all brands and will be increased by Rs 2 per liter.

That is, all milk products of Amul, Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, Amul Taza, Amul T-Special, Amul Slim and Trim will be increased by Rs 2 per liter. And from Thursday, July 1, Amul milk will be available with expensive prices in other states including Delhi, NCR, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal. This is after about one and a half years, when these prices have been increased by Amul.

Why did the price increase?

Gujarat Milk Cooperative Marketing Limited (GCMMF) Amul MD Dr. RS Sodhi said that this step has been taken due to increase in input and production cost. Sodhi said the hike in milk prices had become necessary due to rising food inflation. Apart from this, the cost of packaging has also increased by 30 to 40 percent, while transportation cost by 30 percent and energy cost by 30 percent, due to which the cost of production has increased.

After almost a year and seven months, the prices are being hiked. And the Amul Co-operative Society has decided to increase the prices of milk due to rising input cost. The price of Amul milk has been increased by up to Rs 2 per liter in the country. Now half liter Amul Gold will cost Rs 30 in Ahmedabad, and half liter Amul Taza will cost Rs 24.

Now due to increase in the price of milk, other food items made from milk will also become expensive. For example, in addition to ghee, paneer, butter, cheese, lassi and buttermilk, the prices of sweets, chocolates etc. can also increase. The effect of increasing the price of milk will be seen on the pocket of the common man and his kitchen, because it is consumed daily in every family.

These companies sell milk

Apart from the milk unions present in the states, there are many companies in the private sector like Nestle, Britannia, Namaste India, Patanjali, Ananda in the country, which sell milk and its products. Now these companies can also increase the prices after the increase made by the cooperative society by Amul.

Common man is already suffering from inflation

Significantly, due to the Corona epidemic crisis, people’s lives have been affected a lot for the last one and a half years. The work of people in every sector has had a great impact. Many jobs have been lost, so many jobs, industries and businesses have been closed. Meanwhile, inflation has also increased. Edible oil prices are sky high. Petrol and diesel prices are also increasing continuously. In many parts of the country, petrol is being sold for more than Rs.100 per liter.

Rising prices of petrol and diesel are also affecting the prices of other goods. And now the price of milk has also increased. In the midst of the epidemic, death, lockdown and unlocking process, markets are opening and closing continuously, in such a situation, rising inflation has become a big problem in the midst of the ongoing crisis on people’s employment.

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