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Video: Elon Musk’s dummy inside the Tesla Model S was blown up with dynamite… but why?


  • Tesla Model S worth more than 70 lakhs
  • Car owner upset due to battery repair issue
  • Video shot in presence of many youtubers

New Delhi.
Tesla Model S Blown Up By Owner See Video:
You can buy a good SUV for Rs 17 lakh, but what if the car repair cost comes to Rs 17 lakh? You must be wondering that how this is finally possible, then let us tell you that in Finland, a person named Tumas Ketanen bought a 2013 model Tesla Model S electric car second hand a few days ago and drove it smoothly for 1500 kilometers. After this the car broke down and on taking it to the mechanic it was found that the battery of the car would have to be changed, for which the total cost would be Rs 17 lakh (Indian currency).

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17 lakh repairing cost?
As soon as Tumas Keiten of Finland came to know that he would have to pay 17 lakh rupees to replace the battery of Tesla Model S, he became very upset and in anger he took such a step which people can not even imagine. Finland’s Keitenen first called up some of her YouTube friends and took her Tesla Model S to a remote area about two hours from the capital, Helsinki. During this, he also bought 30 kg of dynamite explosives. You must be wondering why the Tesla Model S and the explosives come together, so let us now tell you the real thing.

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Car blown up with 30 kg dynamite
Telsa Model S owner Tumas Ketanen parked the car at a secluded spot in the Zala area and, along with his associates, removed the car’s chassis and battery, among other important things, and tied dynamite around the car. You will be surprised to know that with the help of a helicopter, a dummy of Tesla owner Elon Musk was thrown around the car and later it was put inside the car. After this, everyone together detonated the Tesla Model S, which caused the car to splinter and all its parts were seen flying in the air. The incident was shot with high-resolution cameras including drones and later uploaded to YouTube.

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